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Interesting facts about me

I am a teacher and a mommy of two wonderful little boys.

Some extracurricular activities that I tend to enjoy are reading, jewelry-making and scrapbooking (when I have the time!) and researching movie trivia and other trivia/information.

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    You really made a difference in my day! Thanks for taking the time to help me with my struggles. You rock!!!!



    Reply from Cesquin:

    Hi Heather,

    I hope I helped a little. And I really hope you're feeling better soon. You WILL get past this!

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    Thanks for your help with reasurring that i wont always feel like i dont love my baby. :)


    Reply from Cesquin:

    You're welcome. I know how hard this is and how alone I felt.. the wonderful women on this forum gave me reassurance that helped me get better, and I'm going to pass it along!

    *hugs* I wasn't this cheerful when I was going through PPD, but my experience is one of many that shows you you'll get better. Keep talking to us.